Do It Yourself-How To Make Easy Christmas Wreaths

Two easy and inexpensive Christmas wreaths can be made using straw wreaths, material, fruit, greenery, and ribbon.

The holiday season inspires many of us to search for new and unique ways to decorate our homes. Wreaths are a holiday staple, and there are so many varieties of wreaths available to buy or make. This article will give you the instructions to make two very simple, but lovely wreaths. Both use inexpensive materials, but they are very easy to make.

For the first wreath, you will need the following: a straw wreath; florist picks; florist wire; a variety of fruit, such as apples, oranges, lemons, limes; decorative ribbon; and greenery, such as boxwood.

To begin making your wreath, you will need to cut three to four inch sections of the boxwood or other greenery. Using your florist wire, attach the greenery around the entire wreath. You want to cover the front and sides of the wreath as completely as possible, so that the straw does not show through. Try to arrange your greenery so that it is equally distributed around the whole wreath.

Once you have liberally covered your wreath with the greenery, you are ready to add the fruit. Using your florist picks, pierce your fruit with one end of the pick, and attach the fruit to the wreath in various places on top of the greenery. You will probably want to stagger the different fruits around the wreath based on color and sizes, or you can stick to one type of fruit for the whole wreath. Once you have finished adding the fruit, you can tie a pretty bow to add to the top of the wreath. That is all there is to it.

The materials that you need for the second wreath include the following: a straw wreath; at least two yards of material; zigzag scissors; and a Phillips head screwdriver.

If you are creating a holiday wreath, you will probably want to purchase Christmas colored and patterned material. If you are making a wreath to match the d├ęcor of your home, however, you can pick just about any material.

You will need to cut your material three or four inch squares. You want to use the zigzag scissors to cut the material. Once you have cut all of your squares, you are ready to start filling the front and sides of your straw wreath. Taking one square at a time, you will need to press the tip of your screwdriver into the center of each square, and press the square into the straw wreath, about a half an inch deep. You need to continue to do this as you work your way around the wreath. Once you have worked completely around the wreath, go back over it, looking for bare spots that you can fill. When you have completely covered every spot on the front and sides of the wreath, you can fluff your material out a bit by hand. If you like, you can add a contrasting colored ribbon at the top of the wreath.

Both of these wreaths are easy and fun to make. Best of all, they are economical!

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