Do It Yourself: How To Install Cabinet Doors And Drawers In The Kitchen

Need new cabinet doors and drawers in your kitchen? You can save yourself money if you install them yourself! Find out how with these tips and instructions.

Kitchen cabinet doors and drawers come in a variety of styles, as well as types of wood. Popular choices of wood include Oak, Maple, Cherry, and Birch. Whether you are installing brand new cabinets, or you are simply refacing existing ones, installing the doors and the drawers is a relatively easy job for the experienced do it yourselfer.

Basically, there are two types of kitchen cabinets: framed and unframed. A framed cabinet has a wooden frame around the perimeter of the door opening. The hinges of the cabinet doors are secured to the door, and then to the frame. An unframed cabinet, on the other hand, has no frame. Its doors are secured to it by attaching hinges to the doors, and then to the sides of the openings. Either type of cabinet is relatively easy to install doors on.

There are also three types of kitchen cabinet doors: flat, recessed panel, and raised panel. A flat door is, as its name implies, flat, with no raised panels. A recessed panel door has a frame with a concave inner panel. And, a raised panel cabinet door has a frame with an elevated inner panel. All of these cabinet doors are installed either by positioning the door over the frame or opening, or placing the doors actually inside the frame or opening. Most, however, are installed so they close against the frame or the side of the cabinet opening.

And, finally, there are basically two types of hinges that are used to install kitchen cabinet doors. There is the barrel hinge, which is a spring-loaded fastener that closes the door after you give it a nudge. And, there is a hidden type of hinge too. This type of hinge is usually secured to a routed out area in the frame, or in the side of the cabinet.

To install new cabinet doors, you'll need to read and follow the manufacturer's instructions in order to achieve the best results. You'll use either a barrel or a hidden hinge, and one side of the hinge will be secured to either the frame of the cabinet, or to its side. Hinges are always secured to the door and to the kitchen cabinet by using small wood screws. The biggest obstacle in installing cabinet doors is making sure the hinges are aligned to the doors and cabinets properly. If they aren't, you'll know it, because the doors won't open or close completely. Some hinges have adjustment screws on them, so the doors can be squared with a simple turn of a screw.

Kitchen drawers are relatively easy to install too. Most drawers today glide open and are closed by the use of a pair of rails underneath them. These rails are secured to the inside of the cabinet by using wood screws. Follow the manufacturer's instructions in order to achieve the best results.

Basically, though, you should choose rails that are smooth and coated, because, they will provide the smoothest, most trouble free operation. They will need to be lined up and attached to the inside of the kitchen cabinet so the drawers fit properly when they're slid in. The rails not only enable the drawers to glide smoothly, but they also hold the drawers in so they don't fall out when they're opened up.

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