Do It Yourself: How To Install A Deadbolt

Installing a deadbolt lock can easily be accomplished following a few simple steps and having the correct materials and tools.

Installing a deadbolt lock can easily be accomplished following a few simple steps and having the correct materials and tools. The tools and materials needed are a drill, the deadbolt lock, a drill-bit set, masking tape, an awl, a spade bit, a screwdriver, a chisel, a hammer and a utility knife.

When installing the deadbolt lock, the first step is to open the deadbolt package and remove the paper template. Unfold the paper template and place it on the door in the correct position of the deadbolt. Use the masking tape and tape the template into position where it will not move. The centers of the lock cylinder and the latchbolt hole are transferred by using an awl to poke through the marks on the template.

The next step is to use the drill and drill the holes. Using a hole-saw bit start a hole for the cylinder on the door's side edge. Stop the hole-saw bit when the pilot bit breaks through the other side. Replace the hole-saw bit with a proper sized bit, usually a 2 1/8" or 1 5/8" bit, and finish drilling the hole on the opposite side of the door. This part of the drilling step prevents the door from splintering when drilling the hole. Now drill the hole for the latchbolt with a correct size spade bit, usually a 7/8" or 1" bit.

After drilling the holes, installing the latchbolt is the next step. To install the latchbolt, push the latchbolt into the door edge and mark its outline on the door's edge. Remove the bolt plate and chisel a mortise so the latchbolt plate will lay flush against the door end when the installation is complete.

Install the lock after installing the latchbolt. In order to do this, place the latchbolt in the door and screw its plate to the edge of the door. Now install the cylinder on the outside face of the door. Slip the cylinder shaft through the latchbolt assembly and match it with the complementary section installed on the inside face of the door. Insert the long threaded machine bolts and screw the two halves of the cylinder together.

Now it is time to install the strike plate. A two-step process is necessary to create room for the deadbolt to slip into and mortising a hole for the strike plate. The first thing to do is to use the paper template to position the deeper of the holes for the deadbolt on the doorjamb. Bore overlapping holes in the jamb using a spade bit to create the rectangular hole that will be needed. After overlapping holes, square off the hole with a wood chisel. The next step is to mortise the hole for the strike plate. Center the strike plate over the deadbolt cavity. Now use a chisel, placed parallel to the wood grain, to cut the strike plate mortise. After creating the mortise, pre-drill screw holes then screw the strike plate down into place with screws that are long enough to penetrate the studs behind the jamb.

Now the deadbolt lock is installed and ready to be used.

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