Do It Yourself: How To Install A Driveway Alarm System

Protect your home and family and keep them safe by installing your own driveway alarm system. Don't be surprised by that unannounced guest ever again.

Your home is your haven and you want to keep it and your family safe. Installing a driveway alarm system will keep you and your family safe by announcing invited and uninvited guests. Not only does it keep you and your family safe, but it lets you know when guests are coming so you have time to prepare for their visit. As in my case, I have to rescue my guests from being greeted by my two German Shepherds dogs who are very curious to see who is coming. Most of my guests are intimidated by the dogs so I have to put them in their fenced in home so they don't bother the guests before they get to my doorstep. It will also give you time to get help if an intruder is entering your property.

No matter where you live, in the city or the country, you can help to protect your home by installing a driveway alarm system. Driveway alarms systems are very reliable and can be easily and quickly installed anywhere. Some types of systems are wireless or infrared systems. Wireless systems are a very popular type of alarm system to install because of the easiness to install. You can position it to let you know when vehicles or people are approaching your property. You can mount it high enough to allow small animals to walk under it without being detected.

Most systems consist of a transmitter and a receiver. The receiver is located in a chosen destination in your home and is plugged into a standard electrical outlet; the transmitter is located at the destination you decide in your driveway. Most transmitters are battery operated - if this is the case with the one you are installing, be sure to change your batteries as needed. Some systems have multiple sensors on the same system. Most systems have many different ranges.

After installing the system, your transmitter will send out an invisible beam across your driveway. If you have approaching guests, a signal will be received from your transmitter that someone has entered your driveway; it will send a signal to the receiver to let you know. Most types of systems have volume controlled tones. Others have light emitting diodes. It all depends on your preference and needs.

Some driveway alarms can be used as home security systems when you are away from home. They have the capability to turn on lights, ring loud bells or sound loud sirens. If this is a feature you are interested in, be sure to check with the manufacturer before you make your purchase to see if your system is capable of doing this.

Be sure to check the directions to see how far outside you can place your system from the receiver. Some standard distances include as far as one thousand feet to twenty-five hundred feet away. Safety and privacy is very important. By installing a driveway alarm system it will give you an excellent measure of security to know that your family and your property are being protected.

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