Do It Yourself Installation: How To Install A New Shower Head Fixture

Tips, instructions and steps to installing a replacement shower head fixture in your bathroom, including list of materials and tools you will need.

It's 8am and you are running late for work. You hop in the shower only to discover that shower head you were putting off for so long is now beyond repair. Now what do you do?

Installing a new shower head fixture isn't as difficult as it may seem and with just a few tools, you'll be enjoying that new shower head in no time at all.

Before you being some tools and miscellaneous you'll want to have handy for this project are: a pair of adjustable pliers for removing the old shower head, Teflon tape for wrapping around the threads of your shower head pipe to prevent leaks, some old towels to place down in your shower or tub to prevent damage of yourself and your porcelain, paint thinner and rags to help in the ease of removing old tape or plumbers putty, a wrench to help in the aide of tightening your new shower head fixture and of course your new shower head fixture.

Now that you've gathered what you will need, you'll want to place those old towels in the bottom of your tub or shower to prevent damage to your porcelain and injury to yourself.

Next remove the old shower head using a pair of adjustable pliers. If you're worried about damaging the chrome pipe you can wrap some Teflon tape around the jaws of the pliers before you begin. With a rag remove any old Teflon tape or plumbers putty from the shower head threads. If the tape or putty becomes difficult to remove you can apply a bit of paint thinner to the threads beforehand.

Now that you've removed the old shower head you will want to wrap the threads of the shower head pipe using Teflon tape to seal the connection between the pipe and shower head fixture. Wrap the Teflon tape clockwise once and then wrap it twice more, this time stretching it as you go. Wrapping the tape clockwise prevents your new shower head from leaking since wrapping it in the opposite direction can damage the tape and cause leaks.

Once you've applied the Teflon tape you can attach the new shower head by screwing it onto the threaded shower head pipe and tightening it by hand. You can tighten the head with a wrench about a half turn, but be careful in doing so as you don't want to damage your new shower head fixture by over-tightening it. You may also want to wrap the shower head in cloth before you attempt to tighten it with a wrench to prevent damage to your new fixture and shower head pipe.

You can then run water through your new shower head fixture to test for any leaks and remove any metal debris that may have gotten caught during the project.

Now that you have installed the new shower head fixture and all of your hard work has paid off you can enjoy that new shower head without worry for a long time to come.

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