Do It Yourself: Installing Pegboard Displays

How to make your own do it yourself pegboard displays.

A pegboard display has many useful functions in both the home and workshop area. There are a variety of attachments available for use with pegboard now that clearly makes it a very functional piece of storage.

Tools necessary for installation: Drill, utility knife, screwdriver, pegboard, pegboard attachments, 1" x 1" wood strips, drywall anchors and screws, ½" wood screws.

Installing a pegboard display requires that you first decide the location of the display and the size of the display. Pegboard can be purchased in the lumbar section of the hardware store. It is usually purchased in a sheet of 4 x 8 feet. To cut the board to the size of your area, you should score it using a utility knife on the dark side and then press firmly along the scored edge in order to break the board. Finish cutting the edge with the utility knife once it has been broken.

After you have determined the size necessary for your area, you want to cut two pieces of 1" x 1" wood strips to run either the full length or width of your pegboard. It is not necessary to run both, but it might make the area more esthetically pleasing to the eye. The wood strips can be attached to drywall using drywall anchors and screws. Pre-drill holes through the 1" strips and into the wall to mark the spot to install the wall anchors. These strips will keep the pegboard from being directly up against the wall area behind it. This room is necessary behind the board in order to allow the pegs to be placed in the holes. The pegboard can then be attached to the wood strips using ½" wood screws and placing them through the existing holes in the board.

Once you have attached the pegboard to the strips you are ready to install the pegs. This is done by inserting the end of the pegboard attachment through a hole facing up and then allowing the piece to hang down from that hole. Then to hold the attachment in place you strap down with a plastic strip using the two holes to the right and left of the hole utilized. The plastic pieces are provided with the pegboard attachments. There are several kinds of hooks available as well as tool holders, small drawers and jars to hold screws, nails, and other small items.

Pegboard can also be painted in order to match your home décor or it can be used in its original brown form. It is very versatile and allows for storage of all different items.

Some common uses: Storage of small household tools such as hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, etc. Storage of small items such as nails, screws, paper clips, rubber bands, etc. Storage of pots and pans, small household utensils such as can openers, pot holders, etc. Also, can be used in the home office to hold paper punch, scissors, etc. In the home workshop, pegboard can be used to organize power tools such as drill, circular saw, electric sander, etc.

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