Do It Yourself Interiors: Creative Wall Covering Ideas

Don't limit yourself to paint and wallpaper when you can create a unique wall covering that is easy and fun to do.

When you redecorate a room you aren't limited to just paint and wallpaper to give your walls style and originality. There is a wide variety of unique wall coverings that can spice up any room and you are only limited to your imagination. Some wall covering items can be found very cheaply or even free. Wall coverings can help create an entire theme for your room.

If you have children then you will love the chalkboard wall. Any wall in your home can be instantly transformed into a chalkboard that can be written on and erased. The chalkboard effect is created with special chalkboard paint that you can purchase at your local home improvement center. Paint on the chalkboard paint just as you would ordinary paint. You can nail on a piece of wooden molding to act as the tray for the chalk and erasers and let the kids go to town. Kids can recreate their bedroom walls each day with their own artwork and you will never have to say, "Don't draw on the walls!"

Another great wall covering for kids is corkboard tile. Corkboard tiles can be glued on to walls using spray adhesive or special epoxy made for this specific purpose. Once the wall is covered with the corkboard tile your kids can tack up pictures, posters, and notes. Your child will be able to redecorate the walls at will with different items and you won't have to worry about holes in the wall.

A great wall covering item that you may be able to get for free is a CD. You can get boxes of CD's from post offices or convenience stores when they get rid of their old internet service CD's such as AOL. CD's can be glued to walls using spray adhesive to create a mirrored effect. Just turn the printed side of the CD towards the wall and glue it on. If you don't want to glue CD's to the wall you can hang them on thumbtacks. If you want to create a great storage solution and wall covering at the same time, hang your kids' music CD's on thumbtacks with the printed side out and they can find any CD they are looking for instantly.

If you are from a different generation you might prefer vinyl records to CD's. You can get old vinyl 45's at garage sales and flea markets and hang them on your walls. I suggest hanging the records from thumbtacks rather than gluing them on as this could damage them and they might be worth money someday! Try grouping records from certain types of music such as Motown, The Beatles, Elvis, etc.

Fabric and vinyl placemats make a unique wall covering. You can glue placemats to the wall using a strong glue or spray adhesive and create different patterns of color. The placemats will give your wall an interesting texture and the patchwork look will be a focal point in any room. Grass beach mats make another interesting wall texture and you can get them at your local dollar store.

If you want a fanciful wall covering and you are good at creating your own patterns you can try beading your walls. Simply take colored beads and glue them onto the wall in any shape or pattern you like. You can spell out words or make pictures or even just stripes on the walls. You can cover your entire wall or just make a border. Beads come in every color and shape.

Let your imagination run wild and you will discover that the paint is only the beginning of a great wall. Your personality will shine through and you will have fun showing off your new walls to family and friends.

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