Do It Yourself Kids Theme Bedrooms: Aquarium Furniture, Crafts And Decorating

Turn your child's room into an under water wonderland with the fun aquarium-themed decorating ideas featured in this all-inclusive guide.

If your child spends hours gazing into his fish tank, then an aquarium-themed bedroom may be just the thing to please your little underwater adventurer. Read on for several fish-friendly decorating ideas that your child is sure to love.

Floor- Bath mats are no longer just for the bathroom. Purchase a few fish-shaped bath mats, and scatter them around you child's room. The no-skid backing makes them ideal for use in a kid's room!

Walls- Turn the walls into a fun play area for your child by magnetizing them! Start by applying magnetic paint to the entire wall. (This product is available at most home improvement centers.) Then, give the walls an underwater feel by painting over top of the magnetic paint with blue paint. Finish by creating several fish magnets to stick on the walls. (This can be accomplished by printing out pictures of fish and applying them to an adhesive-backed magnet.) Cut out around the outline of the fish, and your project is complete. Your child is sure to have hours of fun arranging the fish magnets on his walls!

Dresser- Give your child's dresser a fishy feel by dressing it up with some fish-themed fabric. Purchase a couple yards of fish fabric, and cut out panels to fit the front of each drawer. Then, remove the knobs from the dresser, and apply the fabric with Mod Podge or another heavy duty glue. Finish by screwing the knobs back onto the drawers, and the dresser is ready for use.

Bed- No aquarium-themed room would be complete without an actual aquarium. To create a focal point for your child's room, just place a large aquarium at the head of the bed in place of a headboard. Your child will love having his fish close by while he sleeps; and as an added bonus, the aquarium lighting will serve as a nightlight.

Pillows- Give the room a personal touch by creating pillows with pictures of some your child's pet fish. To complete this project, start by taking pictures of your child's fish. Then, scan the pictures into the computer, and print them out on iron-on transfer paper (available at office supply stores). Finish by ironing the pictures onto your child's pillows.

Curtains- Add a touch of whimsy to the room by using fish-printed shower curtains for the room's window treatment. Then, complete the look by applying fish window clings to the windows. You can use store-bought clings or make your own using a stained glass window paint like Gallery Glass. (Visit your local craft store for supplies.)

Storage- Create underwater storage for you child's toys by decorating a storage container to look like an aquarium. Just purchase a large storage tote, and paint water, fish and plant life onto the outside of the container with fabric paint. Note: If you aren't happy with the way your design turns out, just peel it off, and try again.

Turn your child's room into a life-size aquarium, and every day is sure to be an underwater adventure!

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