Do It Yourself Kids Theme Bedrooms: Football Furniture, Crafts And Decorating

Create a football themed room for your child quickly and easily.

Is your child crazy about football? Here are some great design ideas you can use to decorate a room for the little football enthusiast in your life.

Walls: Paint the walls in your child's room the colors of his favorite football team. If the colors are overwhelming like bright green and orange, or example, choose a lighter or darker hue of the same colors, or paint one accent wall, leaving the other walls neutral. On the accent wall, paint the team's logo, whether it is a professional team or a little league team. If your child does not have a favorite team, you can paint all of the walls in a neutral color, and paint the logos of several teams on the walls. They can be local teams or NFL teams, if you wish. To paint the logos, all you need is a transparency projector and transparency sheets. Print the logo on the transparency sheet, and project it onto the walls, trace and paint.

Window Treatments: Instead of a traditional bedroom curtain, make a unique window treatment using a football jersey and helmet. For the first layer of the window treatment hang mini blinds or a window shade to match your oversized football jersey. Run the curtain rod through the sleeves of the jersey allowing the arms to be outstretched as much as possible. Above the window, hang your football helmet that matches the Jersey. This is not recommended for a child who scares easily because at night it will look like a football player is standing in front of his window.

Floors: For the floor of this football themed bedroom, purchase real Astroturf, or a carpet that resembles it closely. Using white paint, tape, and a stencil brush, you can then create a football field on the flooring. If you do not want to change or alter your existing flooring, you can create a similar effect with a small area rug.

Furniture: Instead of purchasing a headboard for the bed, you can have a piece of plywood cut with a curved top. This curve will serve as part of the outline for a large football, which you can hand paint on the bed. For seating, you can purchase football shaped, or team logo beanbag chairs which you can find with a quick internet search. You can also paint an oval shaped step stool to math your headboard. Finally, replace all of the drawer knobs, the ceiling fan pull, and the light switch with football shaped versions of these items.

Bedding: Purchase team logo bedding, or solid colored sheets and comforters, and pillows in your team colors.

Accessories: You can make a football lamp by purchasing a lamp kit, making a hole through the center a foam football, and inserting the lamp pole through it. You can purchase wooden football shapes in all sizes and use them to decorate simple wooden furniture, or to create a base for your corkboard and picture frames. Add plenty of shelves to the room that you can fill with football memorabilia and trophies.

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