Do It Yourself Kids Theme Bedrooms: Hawaiian Furniture, Crafts And Decorating

Turn your child's room into a Hawaiian themed room using these creative ideas, including projects you can create with your child.

Decorating a kid's room should be fun. If possible, involve your child in the decorating process and you will end up with a room that you love. Hawaiian themed rooms can be adapted for boys or girls, depending on the colors you choose to use. Hawaiian themes can focus on the ocean, surfing, ships, sea wildlife, or combination of them all. It is also a good idea to look around your house for anything that you would like to use in the room. Mementos, vacation photographs, or an old print or painting with a beach, ship, surfer, or ocean scene would fit perfectly with a Hawaiian theme room.

First, decide upon a color scheme. Keep in mind the personality of your child and any items you want to work into the design. The Hawaiian theme can be subtle and sweet, full of sea foam greens, pale blues, and seashell pinks or bold with bright oranges, reds, and blues. For boys, use a lot of blues and greens. If your boy has a vibrant personality, you may want to add bright oranges and yellows. For girls, use pinks, reds and oranges. You can use muted colors or bright colors for a very different overall effect. Any color that is found near the ocean can also be added as a background color, such as a sandy tan, sky blue, or deep sea blue.

Color is essential to a Hawaiian room, but the shape and size of the room are important considerations in choosing a wall color. A dark wall color may make a room seem smaller and a light color can make it appear larger and brighter. If you have artistic friends or family, invite them to come over to paint a beach or ocean scene on one wall. In a Hawaiian kids room, there can never be too much pattern or color. Make a statement on the closet door by painting bright Hawaiian shirts on the front. You can also add a Hawaiian touch and texture to the floor by purchasing a jute or sisal rug.

The essence of a Hawaiian room is the free and relaxed feeling it evokes, so the style of the furniture is important. Furniture in a Hawaiian room should be casual. Casual furniture tends to have less ornate detail than formal furniture. The color of the furniture is not as important as its style, although most wood stains are better suited for Hawaiian rooms than solid colors.

Whether you are purchasing new or refinishing old furniture, you can add a Hawaiian touch to a chest of drawers, bedside table, or desk by covering the top with a layer of bamboo. Lay a bamboo blind or placemat on top of the piece of furniture and outline the size you will need to cover the surface. Carefully cut around that line and attach to the surface of the furniture using spray adhesive. You can also paint hibiscus flowers or a beach scene on a chest of drawers or bedside table to add a Hawaiian touch. A bunk bed can be turned into a tiki hut by adding bamboo blinds around the edges. To turn a boring toy box into a fun accent piece, add a piece of MDF or plywood cut in the shape of cresting waves to the back of a toy box. Cut the wood the same size as the back panel of the toy box with 6 extra inches of height. Draw cresting waves on the top of the wood, and then cut around them with a jigsaw. Paint the toy box and the waves blue. Then attach the board to the back of the toy box.

The key in Hawaiian rooms is creating a flowing informal atmosphere. Stay within the color scheme you have chosen and get creative. You can make a quilt from Hawaiian print shirts. Use large floral prints with hibiscus flowers, palm trees, or islands for bedding and window coverings. Mosquito netting is another great choice for curtains. Strings of seashells or lengths of jute twine are just a few things that can be used for curtain holdbacks in a Hawaiian theme room. Windows can also be covered with bamboo blinds. To personalize them, paint a beach scene or palm tree on the blinds.

Final touches are essential to create a relaxed island feel. Add some containers full of seashells, smooth rocks from the beach, or sand. Have your child personalize a picture frame by gluing seashells to the edge with a hot glue gun. Utilize old surfboards as a bench, shelf, or headboard. New surfboards can be hung on the wall for decoration while they are not in use. A variety of lamps would be perfect in a Hawaiian room: paper lanterns, tiki lamps, or fishing lamps to name a few. As a final touch, purchase corkboard tiles and cut them into various shapes such as palm trees, waves, sharks, starfish, or ships. Hang them on the walls around the room or in a cluster near a study area. The colors and patterns you choose can create a vibrant or soothing Hawaiian theme room for your child. The important thing is to have fun while you create it!

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