Do It Yourself Kids Theme Bedrooms: Hockey Furniture, Crafts And Decorating

Ideas you can use to create a hockey themed bedroom.

If your child's favorite sport is hockey, here are some tips you can use to design their bedroom.

1. Create a personalized hockey mural a wall in your child's bedroom. The mural can be as simple as a giant sized hockey stick and puck, or as ornate as hockey players in action can. For a simpler treatment, you can cover a wall, or other walls with hockey bumper stickers. You can easily find team logo stickers online as well as signs that say, "Give blood, play hockey" or "Starved for attention? Play hockey!"

2. Any window treatment will look good in your hockey themed bedroom as long as you replace your curtain rods with hockey sticks. For curtain tiebacks, attach hockey pucks to short blocks of wood, about 1 inch square, and then attach it to the wall. Try to pick a casual fabric like a solid colored cotton or denim.

3. On a wood floor, you can use tape to simulate a hockey rink. When you change the room theme, you will only have to remove the tape and use rub a bit of "˜goo remover' on any leftover adhesive. You can cut the circles out of contact paper, which will stick well to your floor. You can also purchase a small area rug that resembles a hockey rink floor.

4. To customize your child's bedroom furniture to fit a hockey theme you can purchase a regulation hockey goal and add to it a heavy-duty vinyl covering called a "tutor shooter". This will create a firm surface for your child to lean on. Another plus about these tutor shooters is they are usually designed with a realistic picture of a hockey player on them. Also, paint hand-me-down wooden furniture to match and add hockey bumper stickers to them. Replace drawer pulls with mini hockey puck pulls. For extra seating, purchase directors chairs with hockey team logos.

5. For your child's bedding, you can use simple cotton or denim comforters and sheets to match your window treatments. You can also purchase from a large assortment of hockey patterned sheets and team logo comforters, found in the stores and online. Make your child round pillows to resemble hockey pucks. To make a hockey puck pillow, cut two circles out of any fabric and a 2-inch wide strip of fabric the same length as the circle's circumference. Attach the pillow sides to the strip and stuff. This will create a flat edge for your pillows.

6. For accessories, try some of the following ideas. Hang hockey jerseys by putting a single dowel through the sleeves and attaching them to the walls. As your child outgrows their old hockey outfits and skates, you can hang them in shadow boxes, or on pegs. You can also use an old hockey outfit to dress a handmade life-sized stuffed doll that you can stand in a corner or sit in a chair. Bore a hole through hockey pucks stacked so they are off center, and add them to a design-it-yourself lamp kit. Create individual hockey coat hooks by adding iron or wood hooks to pucks and attach them to the wall. Cut a large circle out of a piece of plywood and add cork. Paint it black with acrylic paint to create a hockey puck corkboard. Mount a collection of signed and logo hockey pucks and sticks to the wall as well.

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