Do It Yourself Kids Theme Bedrooms: Little Princess Furniture, Crafts And Decorating

Tips and ideas on how to redecorate your little girl's bedroom in a little princess theme with color, crafts and furniture.

Your little girl has outgrown her baby nursery. It is long past time to redecorate her room, and you want to use a little princess theme.

The first thing you will want to do is choose your color theme""or the main colors you will be using for painting, or picking out accents for the walls and other parts of the bedroom. Pink is an ideal color for a princess room. Other soft pastel colors will compliment your pink. Of course, it might also be nice to pick a vivid color, such as magenta, to add character to the room, as well. You could paint borders, or choose accents, such as trashcans or pencil holders, in this color, as well.

All beautifully decorated bedrooms begin with the bed itself. It is the focus of the bedroom. There are a couple options to choose from here. The image that comes to mind for many people when they think of a princess bedroom is a four-poster bed. It has four posts extending upward from each corner of the bed, and the posts are all connected at the top with bars. This kind of bed opens a lot of decorating possibilities. For example, you can buy a swatch of sheer pink fabric, or netting and drape it over the horizontal bars. If you want to make it extra frilly, you could take the fabric and wind it down the vertical posts.

A canopy bed is very similar to a four-poster bed. The main difference is in the cover that goes across the top of the bed, hence the name canopy bed. It, too, would make a lovely addition to any princess bedroom.

If you really were not considering purchasing a new bed, that is all right. Any bed can be made into the perfect bed with just the right bedding. A matching comforter, bed skirt, and pillows will do just fine for making her feel indulged like a princess. Any kind of fabric will do. Of course, silk, or imitation silk, will make her feel extra special.

After you have the bed taken care of, you need to tie other areas of the bedroom into the theme. For instance, look at other focal points in the room. Usually another area your eyes are drawn to is the dresser. Paint it pink or white to match the soft colors.

If you are willing to repaint the walls then pick light pink to match the colors on the bed. Then go to a local craft store and buy some stencils that would go well with the princess theme. For example, fairy stencils would be quite appropriate in this theme. Then look at your room and decide where the best places would be to stencil them. Would you like stenciled fairies around the windows, or perhaps just have a few scattered here and there around the room? When you do your stenciling be sure to pick colors that compliment your theme. Gold fairies would be fancy looking.

If you want to put in more effort, then painting a mural on one wall would be pretty. A castle scene, with a beautiful blue sky and fat, white fluffy clouds floating around, would be very princess-like. Stencil ivy leaves cascading down from the castle. Place your newly painted dresser near the castle scene, and incorporate it into the painting by stenciling ivy on it, as well.

Add the final touch by purchasing a new throw rug to place near the foot of the bed""also in matching colors. She will feel extra pampered when she wakes up in the mornings only to sink her sweet little feet into a warm, thick rug.

When the project is complete, your little girl will have her own haven to go to when she needs to unwind, wants to read, play, or just feel like a princess.

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