Do It Yourself Kids Theme Bedrooms: Old Wild West Furniture, Crafts And Decorating

Learn how to create an Old Wild West theme for your child's bedroom with the fun and easy-to-follow projects featured in this guide.

If you're looking for ideas to create the perfect bedroom for the little cowboy in your life, look no further. The following projects are guaranteed to capture the Old Wild West in all its glory.

Floor- Nothing says western like having a few animal hides strewn around the room. Pick up a few yards of faux animal hide fabric from your local fabric store and use it to create rugs for the room. For an authentic look, be sure to cut the fabric into jagged pieces. Note: If you have leftover fabric, use it as a throw for the bed.

Walls- Show off your lasso skills by writing your child's name on the wall in rope. Begin by sketching out your child's name on the wall with a pencil. Then trace the name with hot glue, and apply the rope over the glued area. For even more western flair, install a pegboard, and hang a cowboy hat from each peg.

Bed- Bring a sense of order to the Wild West with a headboard shaped like a sheriff's badge. Start by cutting out a star from a piece of plywood. Then, apply a coat of silver or bronze metallic paint to the entire surface. Once dry, attach the headboard to the bed rails, and it's ready for use. Note: To customize the headboard, simply paint your child's name on the center of the badge.

Pillows- Spruce up your young cowpoke's bed with a scattering of cowhide pillows. To complete this project you'll need a few yards of cow print fabric, and some stuffing or pillow forms. Then, simply stitch up your pillows, and toss them on the bed. If you'd like to carry the look a bit further, create a few more pillows using tan and dark brown furry fabric.

Dresser- Decoupage your way to the perfect dresser by applying images of horses, lassos and other western themes. To complete this project, all you'll need are some images, a bottle of decoupage medium, a pair of scissors and a paintbrush. Once you have all of your materials gathered, simply cut out the images, and apply a coat of decoupage medium to the backside of each one. Then stick them onto the dresser. Once dry, apply another coat of medium to the front side of each image, and the dresser is complete.

Lamp- Give a plain lamp some western flair by covering the base with rope. To complete this project, simply apply hot glue to the base of the lamp, and wind the rope around the lamp until the base is covered. Note: For safety purposes rope should only be applied to the bottom portion of the lamp; do not allow the rope to come into contact with the light bulb.

Curtains- To create a window treatment worthy of a cowboy, simply tuck a few red bandanas over a curtain rod, and you have an instant valance!

Try some of these projects, and your little cowboy is sure to be thrilled with the results.

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