Do It Yourself Kids Theme Bedrooms: Pirate Furniture, Crafts And Decorating

Turn your child's room into the perfect locale for an unsavory pirate with these furniture, craft and decorating projects.

If your child is just a hook and an eye patch away from becoming a full-fledged pirate, than a pirate-themed bedroom is just the thing to keep him happy""and to save you from a trip down the gangplank. Read on for several pirate-friendly decorating ideas.

Walls- Land Ho! After months at sea there are few things a pirate likes more than spotting land. Create a seascape mural on your child's wall by brushing on a blue sky and lots of water. Then, create an island in the distance for your little pirate to spot from the deck of his ship.

Lamp- To create a pirate-worthy lamp for your child's room, just purchase a solid black lampshade from your local discount store, and paint a big, red "X" across the front with acrylic paint.

Bulletin board- Turn an ordinary bulletin board into something your child will treasure by gluing fake gold coins all over the frame. (Check your local party supply store for inexpensive, plastic coins.)

Bed- If your child is going to dig for buried treasure, he's going to need a shovel or two. Give your child's current bed a makeover by securing a shovel to each bedpost. Just purchase a package of plastic ties from your local home improvements center, and fasten them around the post and shovel. Note: For safety purposes, be sure to mount the shovels with the heads facing down.

Pillows- Give your child's bed a pirate's flair by accessorizing with a few pirate-themed pillows. Just purchase a few plain, throw pillows from your local discount store, and use fabric paint to add a different image to each one (pirate's hat, hook, parrot etc.).

Curtains- The best pirates know how to hide their treasure maps where no one else will find them. Purchase a plain, white curtain set, and paint or draw a treasure map onto the fabric using fabric paint or markers. Then, hang the finished product on a curtain rod, and you've created the perfect hiding spot for a treasure map""when the curtains are open, the treasure map will be hidden from view, but when closed the treasure map will be revealed.

Storage- A treasure chest provides the perfect place to store all of your child's treasured toys. Purchase an unpainted wooden chest from your local craft store, and paint it to resemble a pirate's chest using brown acrylic or latex paint. Then, complete the look by placing a lock on the box to secure your child's booty. He'll love having a place to lock up his favorite possessions!

Dresser- Update your child's dresser quickly and easily by placing a skull and cross bone's flag on top of the dresser, and covering it with a piece of Plexi-glass that has been cut to size. Then, once your child outgrows the pirate's theme, you won't have to spend a lot of time repainting furniture!

Give a few of these projects a try, and your little pirate is sure to be hooked on his new room!

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