Do It Yourself Kids Theme Bedrooms: Turtle Friend Furniture, Crafts And Decorating

Sky and grass painted room, flooring suggestions, a turtle pond table, a turtle ottoman, grass window treatments, bug decorations, and a tree twig dresser.

Children love theme rooms. If your kid is into turtles then this room is a must. You start off by painting the room sky blue. Then with two shades of green paint you create tall grass blades along the bottom half of the walls. Be sure to alternate your greens so the grass has dimension. You have several options for the floor. You could have blue carpet for water, green carpet for grass, brown carpet for dirt, or wood floors left as is because they are indeed from nature already. If you don't have flooring like listed above or you can't afford to change the flooring, then buying a blue or green area rug will do the trick. Bedding should be green to carry on this feeling of a turtle pond. It could be plain green, green leaves, whatever you can find. Now for the really special projects, a turtle pond table, a turtle ottoman, grass window treatments, bug decorations, and a tree twig dresser.

Turtle pond table: Purchase a small wooden table. Take it home and use any left over paint from the room to paint the top blue and the legs green. Then use the two shades of green to do the same grass effect as done on the walls to the edges of the table so when you look down it looks like you are looking at turtle pond. Add a few plastic turtle toys and you have a fun play area as well as a functional table.

Turtle ottoman: First buy a small and simple round foam ottoman. If you can't find one then buy some foam enough to be able to cut several 12" circles to stack on top of each other to at least the height of 12". Whatever you choose to use make sure it accommodates your child's size. Now you need to buy some green fabric (preferably cotton because it will be easy to work with). You will need at least a yard. You will also need a square of green or brown felt, green thread, fabric glue, cotton balls, and two googley eyes. Now start by slip covering the ottoman. You just take the green fabric, turn it inside out, and pin. Then cut off the excess fabric. Now you will need to use your sewing machine. If you don't have one and can't borrow one, this step may be down with fabric glue but sewing will be sturdier in the long run. Sew or glue along the pin line (taking the pins out as you go). Now that you have the slipcover you need to cut the felt into turtle shell sections. Any square or triangular shapes will do. With the slipcover on the ottoman, use the fabric glue to glue down these pieces on top to create your turtle shell. If you aren't so crafty you can stop there and say the turtle is hiding in its shell. If you want to go the extra mile you can make four legs, a head, and a little tail out of the green fabric. The tail is a very simple triangle that you then sew or glue along the side, fold over, then stuff a little cotton inside. The feet are fairly simple too. You can make them rectangular or more detailed. Either way you take your fabric, fold in half, sew or glue, and stuff with cotton. For the head make two large popsicle stick shapes, sew or glue up the side, stuff very well, then glue on the googley eyes. To attach to the ottoman slipcover either take the slipcover off and sew them on from the backside, or use fabric glue. Now you have a turtle ottoman for your child to sit on. Best part is since it's a slipcover you can wash it when needed.

Grass Window Treatments: Buy 3 inch wide green ribbon and a curtain rod. You will need about 15-20 yards of this ribbon. Since it is for a child's room this window treatment is meant to come to the bottom of the window but not to the ground. After measuring the length you will need to reach from where the curtain rod will hang down to the end of the window, tie the ribbon onto the rod, unroll until you've reached that measurement, then cut. Repeat until you have the rod full of ribbon. If the cut ribbon ends are fraying then fold the end with a dab of fabric glue inside to create a finished end. Now hang the curtain rod. It will look like blades of grass and can be tied back to let the daylight through.

Bug decorations: This craft has a huge range of possibilities. Basically it makes sense to decorate with bugs because that's what turtles eat. You can make mosquitoes out of wire, mesh for the wings, and then hang them from the ceiling. You can paint ladybugs onto the blades of grass on the walls. How about a lightning bug night-light? You just draw the body of the bug onto a piece of thin, clear plastic with a permanent marker. Then glue this plastic cover to the wall, cupping it to leave room to put the night-light under it. You don't want the plastic touching the light bulb. Be sure the light is where the part of the bug glows so it will really look like a lightning bug.

Tree Twig Dresser: First you need a basic wooden dresser or a dresser painted brown. Then you need either store bought twigs or twigs from your yard that have been coated with polyurethane or some other clear coat finish (this is to keep the bugs out). Glue small twigs to the knobs. Then glue twigs long ways to the sides of the dresser. You can also add some twigs horizontally to the dresser drawer fronts as long as you can still open the individual drawers.

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