Do It Yourself Kids Theme Bedrooms: Victorian Lady Furniture, Crafts And Decorating

Elements you can use to create a Victorian Lady bedroom

A Victorian lady bedroom is a perfect retreat for a girl of any age. Here are some elements you can use to create such a place for your little girl.

Walls: The walls in a Victorian lady bedroom are covered with light colored but highly detailed floral wallpaper. It should be light and airy as to not distract from all of the other elements in the room. With a quick internet search, you can find many styles of Victorian wallpaper online. If wallpapering seems like too big a job for you, then you can paint the room in a pastel color and stencil accents of roses throughout the room. The rose accents should be stenciled as a top border, and over the windows, doors, and bed. For a child's room, you can also paint a mural. An outdoors garden scene would fit well into this genre.

Window treatments: In such a room, the windows should be covered with lace curtains that filter the light coming into the room. You should layer lace panels for a more intricate design, adding a sheer swag with Jabot details on the sides. Since stained glass windows were and important element in Victorian homes, you can apply a stained glass treatment to your bedroom windows. You can find stained glass kits and directions including how-to videos in your local craft store.

Furnishings: Authentic Victorian furnishings should be used in the room. All furniture should be highly detailed reproductions of Rococo, Greek, and Italian Renaissance.

Look for items that are highly detailed and a medium wood tone. You can also paint your items white, if you wish.

A four-poster bed complete with a canopy is an essential element in your Victorian lady room. You can give the feel of a canopy bed if you do not have one by hanging a canopy circle above the bed and hanging lace-curtain panels from it. Alternatively, you can hang a long panel of lace above the bed on poles or tacked in four corners to mimics a canopy.

The bedding, just like the wallpaper should be highly detailed though subdued in color. Use intricate laces for the canopy, dust ruffle and Pillow shams. Top the bed with a simple quilted bedspread that you can make yourself. Cover a round side table with coordinating fabric to serve as a nightstand.

Accessories: To accessorize your Victorian lady bedroom, look for items with delicately designed elements and floral accents. On the dressing table, there should be a monogrammed brush and mirror set. Lotions, perfumes, and even the garbage receptacle should be in matching containers. You can create matching accessories by decoupaging Victorian patterned tissue papers onto your hatboxes, waste receptacle, jewelry boxes, and picture frames. Embroider accent pillows and small area rugs with floral motifs for the room. Ornately framed pictures of little girls, angels, or gardens should adorn the walls. In a young girls room a tea party set should always be ready for that impromptu afternoon tea party, and an antique doll should adorn the bed. For an older girl or teenager, an antique dress form should display an authentic Victorian dress.

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