Do It Yourself: How To Make A Home Made Dust Collector

How to make a homemade dust collector to aide in the removal of dust from the air.

One hazard of woodworking is the dust, not to mention the mess! Once the dust is in the air it's virtually impossible to clear the air, your lungs, your eyes, and even your mouth completely. There are many places that have classified all wood as potentially carcinogenic, meaning that it could possibly cause cancer. In addition to serious health problems wood particles in the air can also cause less serious health issues such as irritated eyes, skin irritation, nausea, and many other illnesses. It is a good idea to know what kind of wood you are working with so you can be sure to take all the appropriate precautions since some woods tend to cause more issues than others. In addition to a dust collector it may be wise to invest in a respirator if you rely on woodworking for a living, or do a lot of sanding.

There are numerous costly fixes for the problem of dust in the air, but many people who are just starting up or who just don't have the extra funds cannot afford such luxuries and must revert to homemade remedies. There are some more high tech home remedies that will run you a few hundred dollars when all is said and done, although they may not run as effectively as you hope. Even those who can afford more expensive retail dust collectors could benefit from something homemade to help clear the air further. Some may find simple homemade projects remove the dust just as effectively as those that are sold in retail stores, or that they work quite well in conjunction with what they have already purchased.

A simple and quite inexpensive way to make your own dust collector is to take an ordinary box fan found at your local super center, generally for twenty dollars or less, and fit a standard furnace filter to the back of the fan. You can secure the filter to the fan with straps, bungee cords, large rubber bands, or a home made frame assembled from some scrap wood and nails fit to the size of the fan and filter.

Simply placing this dust collector behind your work piece or workstation will keep much of the dust from getting in the air before it is ever airborne, obviously eliminating a lot of the problem. The dust will simply collect on the filter and this can be dumped into a bag and tossed out as needed. Placing more than one dust collector in your environment will help collect even more of the very fine dust that is most hazardous to your health, and subsequently clean the air further. This set-up is very effective and will help remove much of the dust from the air, but again, if you intend to be in the dust all day every day or you do a lot of sanding it is advisable to invest in a respirator and something that will take even the smallest fragments of wood out of the air, as those are the ones that carry the most risk to your health. This simple, yet cost effective dust collector should help take the mess out of your woodworking experience! Enjoy and breathe easier!

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