Do It Yourself: Make Your Own Armoire Just For Scrapbooking Supplies

Organizing your craft supplies: Learn how to build a scrapbooking storage area for fast, easy access to all your scrapbooking materials!

Setting up a scrapbooking station is as easy as having an armoire. An armoire might be an easy find if you're spending your dollars at the antique shop. But, if instead, you're spending your dollars on lots of supplies for your scrapbooking craft, you may find it convenient to make an armoire of your own. Don't know how to build? No problem! You are going to set up your own armoire by utilizing portable storage units! Here's how to make your own armoire:

Step One:

Purchase two rolling storage units that you can place together. You can use Velcro at the top on each inside piece so that they will stay together. Be sure and use the Velcro "loop" on one side and Velcro "hook" on the other side. You can cut a large strip of Velcro for this or you can cut two or three strips of Velcro to do this. There are other ways you can attach the two units together. You can screw them together, tape them together, or even just set them side by side. It really depends on the portable storage units you have chosen. Unlike an armoire that's too heavy to move from room to room your system will have portability! There are many office stores that carry many types of storage units. It is best to get units that have at least one large drawer.

Step Two:

Have a board cut to place over the top of these two portable storage units. The size, of course, will depend on the width and depth of the portable storage units you have chosen. Make sure to take the time to sand the board. This will give you some "extra" space for items such as turntables and paper cutters. Paint or cover the board with material.

Step Three:

Divide your supplies into categories. (i.e. stickers, albums, extra pages, pens, cutters)

Step Four:

Label each drawer of the storage unit to customize your scrapbook station to suit your needs. Items needed most should be kept in the drawers easiest to access while you're sitting and scrapbooking.

Step Five:

Place supplies into the designated ompartments of your portable armoire. You may want to use one of the large drawers to hold a bag that you can take to croppings with you. This armoire will provide a place to keep all of your scrapbooking needs in one place instead of all over the place!

Step Six: (Optional)

You may take some material and staple it to the front of the board and cover the front of your "custom" armoire! Make sure to measure the height of your portable storage unit prior to purchasing you covering material.

Final Step:

There is no FINAL step when you scrapbook!


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