Do It Yourself: Pergola Decorating Ideas

Pergolas need to add style, art and structure to a yard. Use your imagination and decorate it like you would an interior room.

A pergola is similar to a trellis but larger and is usually not attached to a house. It can add elegance to your home while providing a focal point for decorating and design. A pergola can link different parts of the garden such as public areas to more private areas. It can provide a secluded area in your yard that can be used for dining or just relaxing. Vines can grow on a pergola to provide summer shade. Pergolas can be almost any size and shape, depending on its use. The beams on top of the pergola can be cut into any shape to fit the style of the home. Usually on a traditional pergola, the ends of the beams are cut by using a template, so every end is the same. You can cut all of the ends different if you wish, for a unique look.

Pergolas are usually made out of wood. Use different woods together when building the pergola and it will make it look unique. Make the support posts out of redwood and then make the top out of pine. The pergola can be painted in different colors to emphasize the shape and design of the pergola. You can stain the wood also. There are many kinds of paint that can give the pergola a unique look, such as paint that gives a stone look or a tarnished copper look. Pergolas can be made out of metal also. Scrolled metal or metal tubing can be used by welding or bolting it together. A combination of materials can be used, such as brick or stone with metal cattle fencing panels for the top.

Pergolas are supports for climbing plants and also give structure to the garden area. Planter boxes can be added to any part of the pergola, in order to add interest. A cupola can be placed on top of the pergola for a more country look. Decorative crosses can be put between each support post for a decorative effect. Wooden windows can be hung between the support posts to make it look like an outdoor room. Hanging plants can be hung from the top of the pergola, for a more natural look and for coolness.

When you have a pergola in your yard you want to add style, art and structure. Think about using ribbon and lights during the holiday season. For each holiday, use different colored ribbons and streamers. Take some garland and hang it around the pergola. Use natural garland such as dried grape vines or nuts and berries strung on some wire. Place some dried fruit and vegetable wreaths on the support posts. Use a corn husk wreath on each corner post.

Build shelves into the design of the pergola. If the pergola is large enough you can build in benches for more seating. Think of your pergola as an outdoor room and hang mirrors in between some of the posts. Use what you have on your property. Add things like cedar branches to the posts, to add dimension and texture. When having a party, decorate the pergola with fabric. Make fabric curtains and tie them back at each post using some raffia or ribbon. You can weave fabric in and out of the top beams before the vines grow large enough to cover that area.

Wrap fabric or dried grape vines around the support posts. Hang decorative birds or bird cages from the pergola roof. Use your imagination and think about decorating it like you would a room in your home. You can even hang art pieces temporarily.

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