Do It Yourself: Wall Oven Installation

Installing a new wall oven can be accomplished by following a few steps.

Installing a new wall oven can be accomplished by following a few steps. However, it is important to remember that these steps should only be used as a guide; the installation instructions that are included with the wall oven should always be followed completely in order for the entire installation process to remain safe.

To begin the installation, there are several things worth remembering. One, shut off the electric power to the oven branch circuit. Two, only use copper wiring. Three, remember that an electrical ground is needed with a wall oven unit. The electrical ground is designed where the copper ground wire's free end must ground to the oven. Four, do not use a gas pipe as a ground. Five, an electrical shock could result from having a fuse installed in the Neutral or Grounding circuit. Moreover, the most important thing to remember is to contact a qualified electrician if there is ever any doubt about any of the installation.

Prepare the wall or cabinet for the installation of the wall oven unit. Using the unit cutout dimensions provided by the manufacturer, carefully cut out the area where the oven will be installed. To reduce the appearance of raw edges and to ensure the oven will fit snugly in the cutout, the cutout must be precise. After finishing the cutout, bottom supports will need to be made. These supports can be 2"x 4" runners or a solid shelf. This support must be level and able to support at least 445 pounds or the actual weight of the oven being installed if the weight is provided.

Now the actual installation process can begin. Remove the oven from all the packing, including the top wood pallet, bottom wood pallet and metal mounting brackets. Next thing to do is to reconnect the electricity to the oven. The electrical cable used should be 3 or 4 conductor wire, which ever is required by local codes and must be hard wired. An U.L. listed conduit connector is also required as well as a conduit box that is to be installed in the middle of the wall, below the oven, and 2 inches below the bottom support shelf. 30" Double Wall Oven

Now carefully remove the oven doors and place them aside, out of the way, and slide the oven unit into the front cutout of the cabinet. Ovens are very heavy and may require two people to lift it into the opening in the cabinet. Once the oven is in place, drill 3/32" holes in the cabinet frame and through to the mount holes in the oven front frame. Place the screws furnished with the oven in the holes, one on each side of the top oven only, securing the oven to the cabinet. After attaching the top screws, the bottom trim is attached with 2 more screws also provided.

After connecting the electricity and placing the oven unit into the cutout in the cabinet, put the oven door back on. Now the unit is ready to use.

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