Do It Yourself Waterfall Lawn Art Ideas

Waterfalls bring the peaceful qualities of flowing water to the home. Add an artistic touch with aquatic plants, sculptures, and other design elements.

Bring the peaceful and soothing qualities of flowing water into your home through the use of a custom built waterfall.

Most people consult with landscaping companies to map out a basic plan for building a waterfall. There is also the option of building a waterfall on your own. This is hard work, but it can be a truly rewarding project. Simulate a mountain stream with large, naturally-shaped rocks that vary in size, or go for something more contemporary and stylized with flat sheets of rock, stacked to form stairs.

It is easier to build your own waterfall if you already have a pond. If you do not, you may be pleased to know that the amount of soil excavated to create a pond is roughly equal to what you will need to build up your waterfall.

After your waterfall has been built, there are countless ways to decorate this area with aquatic plants, fountains, stone statues, and artistic sculptures. You may also want to choose a decor theme, and building around that.

- A theme consists of different objects that all have something in common. By choosing and designing according to a theme, you establish unity. Choosing a theme also makes it much easier to select or design artwork for your waterfall. A theme can consist of anything that interests you. Some examples are: plants, animal sculptures, objects of a certain color, etc.

- Decorate your waterfall's pond with aquatic plants. Aquatic plants are not only attractive, they also cut down on the amount of algae that builds up in a pond over time. Add intense hints of color with tropical varieties. Choose a color scheme, and let your imagination run wild!

- The songs of birds add beautiful music to the flowing sounds of waterfalls. Why not install a bird bath near your waterfall?

- The addition of stone statues is a great way to add an artistic touch to the design of a waterfall. Most people choosing to display statues in waterfalls select animal designs, but anything that appeals to you, is an option. Popular animal sculptures are creatures that are normally attracted to, or that live in water. Some examples are frogs, fish, dolphins, etc. Other figures include cherubs, classical gods and goddesses, gnomes, gargoyles, and abstract shapes.

Use freestanding sculptures, or sculptures that continuously spout water from their mouths. Spouting sculptures add the elements of whimsy and animation to waterfalls and ponds.

- Another idea is to incorporate metals, like brass or copper into the decor of your waterfall. Copper works especially well. It's natural warm red tones connect with the earth, and nature. Copper blends into an environment quite easily.

Look for copper sculptures in all varieties. You will find copper sculptures with both natural, and high-polished finishes. A shiny finish reflects the most, which may be a good idea if you want to convey the reflection of the water from your waterfall. If you are looking for something more rustic, natural copper may interest you. As natural copper oxidizes, it takes on matte shades of brown, and some green shades. These green shades work well with flowing water.

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