Do It Yourself Wedding Favors: Candied Flowers

Candied flowers are a simple do it yourself wedding favor idea that you can make yourself, and they can be made from roses, daisies, violets or a host of other flowers.

This easy do it yourself wedding candied flower favor idea is perfect for a romantic, fairy tale, or classic wedding, yet much easier on the budget than most personalized favors ordered in bulk for the occasion.You will need something to present the candied flowers on""for an inexpensive approach, cut simple card stock into small squares and place the candied flowers on top of them.It's also easy to double up your wedding expenses by creating slightly larger placecards, and placing these candied flowers on a corner.

When choosing your flowers, remember that their flavor is as important as their appearance, as people will be eating them.Only candy a flower that you'd be willing to eat on its own, and no matter which flower you choose, do a little research to be sure it is indeed edible.

Do not pick up a bouquet of your chosen flower at the grocery store and expect to use it.It is not unusual for these flowers to be exposed to pesticides which you will not want to poison your guests with.Instead, speak directly to a florist and make it clear that you are looking for edible flowers""they'll be able to help you.When candying whole flowers, make sure the flowers are fresh and sturdy enough to endure the rough handling they're about to receive without shedding petals.Before beginning the candying process, thoroughly rinse the flowers (then do it again for good measure), and let them dry.The slightest excess moisture can interfere with the candying process.Also, remove all stems and leaves, as these usually are not edible.

Recommended flowers:




Rose(for larger roses, only the petals are edible)






Orange, lemon, or lime blossoms

Gardenia (petals only)

Mint (leaves only)


1 egg

Clean flowers (see above)


Sugar (superfine white sugar)

Fine-tipped paintbrush (Buy a new one from the cake decorating aisle just for this craft)

Waxed paper over a movable rack or cookie tray

Pour some sugar into a small bowl.You will be sprinkling this sugar over your flower, and can always add more sugar if you get low.

Carefully separate egg white from yolk, and throw away the yolk.Beat together the egg white with a few drops of water.Continue beating until it takes on a light frothy look, then set aside.

Use the paintbrush to coat the bloom and petals with the egg white froth.Make sure to coat the entire bloom, top and bottom, and as far between petals as you can get without damaging the flower or creating lumps of egg white.Consider using a one layer flower like violet if you are pressed for time (as coating each petal gets time consuming).

Sprinkle the sugar on the flower, in every cranny that you spread the egg white.A small medicine dropper can help you reach corners and between petals, but be careful to pick a size that works well with sugar.

Place your flowers on the wax paper, and let them dry 12 to 36 hours.If you live in a humid climate, place the flowers in a gas oven to dry.Don't turn on the oven""the pilot light will help remove moisture from the air.

Favors can be kept for weeks or months before the wedding, but must be carefully packed (not touching) in airtight plastic containers and stored upright in a safe spot.If you live in a particularly humid climate (such as some parts of Florida or Texas), place the flowers in a 150 degree oven without closing the door for about 20 minutes.Remove the flowers from heat for about 5 minutes, then immediately seal them for storage.

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