Do It Yourself Weddings: 5 Fall Wedding Centerpiece Craft Ideas

For Autumn weddings, you can use your own imagination as well as the natural resources around you to create inexpensive yet visually stunning centerpieces for your wedding reception.

Planning and designing a wedding theme with limited time and resources can be an overwhelming proposition.However, there is no rule stating that a big budget and a personal wedding planner are needed to create a beautiful and memorable wedding reception.For example, if your wedding date falls during Autumn you can use your own imagination as well as the natural resources around you some of which can be found in your very own backyard to create simple and inexpensive yet visually stunning decorations and centerpieces for your wedding reception.Below are five Fall-inspired wedding centerpiece ideas to get you started:

1. Cornucopia.Celebrate the colorful and symbolic bounty of the traditional fall harvest with a cornucopia of fruits, nuts, and grains.Purchase decorative baskets in a variety of sizes and shapes: look for ones in earth tones of warm, golden reds, yellows, and browns.These can be found inexpensively at most craft stores.Distribute around your wedding reception tables and fill with fresh fruits, nuts, and grains.Avoid using food that blemished or overripe.Fill each basket to bursting, allowing the ingredients to flow out onto the table, and tell your guests that they are welcome to help themselves or take the baskets home as souvenirs.

2. Pumpkin Centerpiece.If your wedding date falls particularly near Halloween or Thanksgiving, take advantage of widespread availability of pumpkins!Pumpkins come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be hollowed out to create natural flower vases.Using a sharp, serrated knife, carefully cut out a wide lid from the top of the pumpkin.Cut the lid loose and hollow out the insides of the pumpkin using a large spoon.Insert a plastic container that is small enough to fit inside the pumpkin and large enough to contain the flowers you would like to use.Then, cut a piece of gardening foam to fit the size of the container, place it inside, and thoroughly soak with water.Seasonal flowers and berries can be placed inside.If you are preparing this centerpiece in advance you may want to consider coating the interior of the pumpkin with petroleum jelly: this will help prevent it from drying out.Place small and uniquely shaped squashes and gourds around the table to accent the pumpkin centerpiece.

3. DIY Autumn Flowers.While many people associate weddings with springtime and Spring floral arrangements, Autumnal foliage can be just as beautiful.There is no need to make room in your budget for a professional florist if you feel confident enough to design your own. The internet is an excellent place for ideas.Look for wedding websites or type "wedding floral arrangements" into any search engine.You will find that there are many proud florists, amateur and professional, who are willing to display their designs for free on the web.Look for unique designs that inspire you, but keep it simple!You want to find a design that is well within your abilities to recreate.Many seasonal flowers can be purchased wholesale prices if you look in the right places gardening wholesalers and large home stores.Can't bear to go it alone?Invite your wedding party over for some help and make a party out of it.It will give you a chance to laugh and unwind before the big day.

4. Leaf Votives.Scour your backyard or a local park for vibrantly colored leaves to using in floating votives.Select leaves in excellent condition in a variety of colors.In order to preserve and waterproof them, dip in paraffin wax and allow to dry.Use wide, shallow glass containers in a variety of shapes and sizes; these can be purchased cheaply at thrift stores and garage sales.Fill each with water and floating votive candles.Try to choose candles in warm hues with Autumnal scents such as Apple Cider, Pine, or Sugared Pear.Candles can be purchased inexpensively at craft and department stores.Then, gently float the waxen leaves in with the floating votive candles.Because the leaves will not last indefinitely floating in the water, they should be placed in last.Vary the arrangements by using containers made of different materials glass, copper, or even stoneware will do nicely for an Autumnal theme.Sprinkle any leftover leaves around the table.These votives will create an intimate atmosphere your guests will love.

5. Fall Photo Album.Search your family albums (of both the bride and groom) for your favorite family photographs especially ones taken during the Fall.Using photographs that inspire happy memories of the past and symbolize the happy memories to be made in the future by the newly blended families, create decorative framed photo montages of several photographs and place some photos by themselves in single frames.Display throughout the tables.Use originals or take to a coping center to be inexpensively reproduced or enlarged.Look for sales on picture frames at discount and craft stores.Place inexpensive disposable cameras on each table and encourage your guests to snap a few pictures.This will provide you with even more happy memories of your wedding.

When planning a do-it-yourself centerpiece it is important to consider the accessories that should complement it this includes tablecloths, table runners, silverware, and souvenirs.Try to coordinate these items in color palate and theme.Use these strategies and the ones above to create beautiful economical Fall wedding centerpieces that you and your guests are sure to love!

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