Do It Yourself Weddings: 5 Spring Wedding Centerpiece Craft Ideas

Planning a wedding on a limited budget can be a daunting task; however, there is one thing you can do to save money without sacrificing on style: design your own spring wedding centerpieces!

Planning a wedding on a limited budget can be a stressful and time-consuming endeavor.Traditional spring weddings can be particularly expensive due to the cost of fresh floral arrangements during the time of year when florists""and their wares""are in highest demand.

However, there are a few simple strategies you can utilize to save money without sacrificing on style.One of these is creating your own Spring-inspired wedding centerpieces.Below are five ideas to get you started:

1. Floating Votives.Float candles and silk flowers in decorative glasses and bowls to create a fresh and intimate atmosphere on each banquet table.Candles and silk flowers can be purchased in a variety of sizes and colors at most craft stores.You can vary the arrangements by using containers of different sizes and shapes in glass, silver, or even copper.Garage sales and thrift stores are excellent places to find unique containers.Sprinkle the table with extra flowers or polished stones to complete the look.

2. Fresh Fruit.Celebrate the bounties of spring with an arrangement of fresh fruit.Choose fruit that is colorful and seasonal to your area.Avoid fruit that is blemished or overripe.The fruit may be displayed whole or sliced in an attractive way.For a more elegant look, frost each piece by brushing with egg whites and sprinkling with sugar""be sure to allow adequate time for each piece to dry.Allow the fruit to overflow from bowls and baskets, and encourage your guests to take them home as tasty souvenirs.

3. DIY Floral Arrangement.If your heart is set on a traditional spring floral arrangement, but you cannot afford the florist's decorating fee, consider designing your own.Many floral shops post photos of their work online.Browse a few sites until you see an arrangement or idea that inspires you and is within your skill level.Focus on designs that are beautiful, but relatively simple, such as large and small arrangements of single flowers.Flowers and other supplies can then be purchased wholesale.Make a night of it by inviting your bridal party over to "assist" you with the design.

4. Herb gardens.Line reception tables with small and large potted herbs.Pots of mint, lavender, marjoram, and thyme will provide a lively color and scent, and make excellent parting gifts for your guests.Herbs can be grown in advanced or purchased fully grown at little cost.Arrange them in terra cotta pots decorated with ribbons or filled with stones.Unique and attractive containers can be purchased at garden centers, flea markets, and discount centers.

5.Japanese Lanterns.Japanese lanterns can be purchased cheaply at craft and party outlet stores.Use one lantern as the base of each arrangement and surround it with small votive candles or pots of bamboo.A simple lantern can be made more elegant with glitter or a painted design.Consider a traditional Japanese table setting that will complement your centerpiece.

No wedding centerpiece would be complete without the other table settings that accompany it.Be sure that your table cloth, table runner, place settings, and wedding souvenirs all complement you centerpiece in color, theme, or both.And remember, the emphasis of every spring wedding should be life, love, and happiness!

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