Do It Yourself Weddings: 5 Ways To Dress Up A Bell Wedding Favor

There are several ways to dress up a wedding bell favor, such as by using ribbons, lace, flowers, scrolls, or wax.

It makes sense that many couples want bells incorporated into their wedding favors.Wedding bells are a romantic and symbolic icon of marriage, and there are several ways to dress up a bell wedding favor so that it is unique and personal to your wedding celebration.Your guests will love the creative touch that you add to your favors, and you should definitely save one for yourself as a treasured piece of wedding memorabilia.Here are a five creative ways to enhance your wedding bell favors:

Flowers, whether fresh or artificial, can add an elegant touch to your bell wedding favors.When you are selecting the flowers for your favors, keep your wedding flowers in mind, particularly your bride bouquet.Try to emulate the color scheme and flowers from your wedding.If you cannot afford to buy the same type of flowers as you are using in your bouquet, just substitute some more affordable but similar-looking flowers.For example, if you are using roses for your bouquet, you could use either artificial roses or tulips, which have a similar shape to roses.One of the ways to create your floral wedding bell favors is to use glue to line the base of your bells with small flowers.You could also coat the entire outside of your bell with flowers by wrapping long stemmed flowers tightly around the bell and then securing them in place with thin string or wire.Package each favor individually by placing the floral bell favor on a bed of tissue paper inside a small, transparent gift box that is adorned with your names and wedding date.

Another idea is to turn your bell upside and use it as if it were a vase or cornucopia, just filling it with flowers so that the tops are slightly protruding.While fresh flower favors will clearly not last forever, artificial ones will, and so will dry flowers.Make a base for your bell vase by pouring melted wax onto the bottom or the bell vase (put each favor on a wood or metal platform) and holding the bell in place until the wax dries around it.You can use colored or scented wax as well, or you could stir glitter or beading into your melted wax before pouring it.

If you are looking for a very simple craft for your wedding bell favors, you should consider using ribbons and lace.You can make your favors quickly and affordably - ribbons and lace can be purchased for very little money.Choose colors that match with your wedding color scheme, or use black and white ribbons and lace to emulate tuxedos.One technique for dressing your bells up with ribbons is to tie ribbons to the inside of the bell so that they stream out the bottom of it.Another idea is to tie braided ribbons to the top of the bell to create a handle.You could use lace to decorate the bottom of the bell, letting it hang slightly over the base.Since these ribbon and lace bell ideas look best displayed from a hanging position, place them in shadow boxes, and use wire to hang each bell inside a shadow box.Your guests will be delighted by the creative presentation of their favors.

Many couples want to include some thoughtful words for their guests with the wedding favors.Scrolls are a charming addition to a wedding bell favor, and they allow you the opportunity to include a romantic quote or anything else you'd like to say along with the favor.To make your scrolls, soak white paper in tea for about twenty seconds.Set aside to allow the paper to dry - the result will be an aged look.Cut the paper into strips that are as long as you want them to be depending on the message you are going to include.Bring the strips to a calligrapher to have your message written on them or carefully write the message on them yourself.Roll up each paper strip, and secure it with a piece of ribbon.Next, tie the scroll's ribbon to the top of the bell.

Dress up your bell favor by purchasing very small bells that have holes at the top so that they can be hung.To make a wine charm bell favor, use silver or gold thread to string a bell onto a wine glass that is monogrammed with your married initials.You could also use wire to string on the charms.If you purchase wine glasses or champagne flutes in bulk, you should be able to get a reasonable deal, and you may even be able to get the personalization fees waived depending on the quantity you buy.

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