Do It Yourself Weddings: Easy Homemade Decoration Craft Ideas

You can save money in planning your wedding by making your own decorations and favors.

You can save a lot of money for you wedding by making your own decorations.

You can make very simple toasting glasses by buying an inexpensive pair of champagne flutes and tying ribbon around them and gluing paper flowers to the ribbon. You can also use the same method to decorate serving utensils for the cake. You can make a pretty bridal pen for guests to sign your guestbook by wrapping a piece of ribbon around it and attaching a small flower that matches you wedding colors and d├ęcor.

A flower girl basket can be easily made by purchasing a basket and decorating it with your choice of ribbon and flowers. It can ten be filled with either real or artificial flower petals. You can make you own ring bearer pillow as well. This can be done either by decorating a premade pillow with lace and ribbon or making your own pillow from scratch.

There are many ways candles can be used as decorations in weddings. You can make gel candles in champagne flutes or martini glasses to make either funky or elegant table decorations. Kits for these can easily be found online and in most craft stores.You can take votive candle holders and tie a pretty ribbon around them and place a votive candle inside for a nice wedding favor.You can also buy pillar or taper candles and arrange artificial flowers around them to make lovely centerpieces.

Using a bowmaker you can make very simple or more complicated bows that would make excellent pew bows. Use ribbon or tulle or a combination of both that will coordinate with your wedding colors.

Edible wedding favors are another project you can make to save money. Put some pillow mints or another treat of your choosing in a sheer bag and tie bag together with a pretty ribbon. Another idea would be to find some small wine glasses and fill with candies. Then take a piece of tulle and put it around the top of the glass. Secure the tulle with ribbon or raffia and decorate with flowers. You can also decorate little boxes or tins and put treats in them.

Making your own place card holders would make a nice touch on the tables at your reception. Take a picture frame place card holder and hot glue ribbon flowers around the picture frame cutout. You can dress up the chairs at your reception by tying tulle around the chairs in the center back making a bow and then hot gluing flowers and ribbon to the center of the bow. You could also decorate small picture frames to use as place card holders that your guests could take home to put a picture in at a later time.

You can decorate bottles of bubble by tying raffia and attaching small flowers; you could also wrap the bottles in a sheer fabric and tie with ribbon.

Any of these ideas will save you money along with also allowing you to be able to design your wedding decorations and favors to your exact specifications.

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