Do It Yourself Weddings: How To Make Pew Bows

Creating pew bows for a wedding ceremony can be a simple and rewarding experience. Step by step tips can help this be a stress free project.

Weddings can be one of the most stressful times of life. Getting all the dresses, food and other elements just perfect can create a level of worry few other events cause. Doing it yourself is a great way to take control of your wedding planning and make sure that the joy of the actual day is not because you are glad it is over. One of the simplest details you can take care of is the creation of wedding pew aisle bows.

Aisle bows are basic elements that are easy to create. To create them you will need the following supplies:

a. You'll need 3-inch wide ribbon in a color (or colors) of your wedding. You should have at least 3 yards of ribbon per bow you are going to create.

b. Thin florist wire

c. Florist tape

d. A bow hangar or hook

Creating a professional looking bow is quite easy. Follow these steps:

1. Cut a 3-yard length of ribbon.

2. Cut 4 feet off the 3-yard length. This 4-foot length will serve as the streamers.

3. Taking one of the florist wires and the rest of the ribbon begin creating your bow.

4. Take one end of the ribbon and fold over about 2 inches, making a small loop.

5. Wrap the floral wire through the loop, fold it in half and twist it once to bind together the end of the ribbon. This should keep the loop you formed secure.

6. Holding the loop you formed between your thumb and forefinger. If you look down at this loop, the floral wire should be between your fingers with the main loop up top. The wire should always stay at the "back" of the bow you are creating.

7. Take the remaining bow and create a larger loop.

8. Where the loop meets the floral wire, twist the floral wire around it to secure it.

9. Create another loop on the opposite side equal in size to the on you just created. Secure that loop with the floral wire as well

10. Continue to repeat steps 7-9 until the length of ribbon is used.

11. Take the bow you have created and twist the loops around, arranging them around that first center loop, opening them almost like a flower is arranged.

12. Folding the remaining four-foot length in half, attach it to the bow with the floral wire, creating the bow streamers.

13. Use the floral tape to wrap the remainder of the floral wire together, preventing it from accidentally becoming loose.

14. Attach the bow to the hangar and then to the pew.

15. Walk down the aisle and admire your handiwork.

Creating a beautiful set of wedding aisle bows is simple, inexpensive, and, if you follow these easy steps, relatively stress free. Do it yourself projects can help your wedding be a special experience for yourself and those that help you plan it.

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