Do It Yourself Weight Loss Tips: Homemade Weight Loss Supplements

If you're looking for a safe and easy way to loose weight, the answer may already be in your kitchen. Here you'll find ways to create your own weight loss supplements that may be more effective than over-the-counter products.

While most weight loss and diet companies will probably tell you that it's not a good idea to use homemade methods for losing weight, there are things you can do yourself to maintain healthy weight, and even lose a few pounds, before you turn to commercial weight loss methods.

Before you start to 'create' supplements yourself, remember that most of the things you should be doing to lose weight include maintaining a healthy diet and consuming foods with a number of nutrients and the power to fight antioxidants. Consuming a large amount of fruit and vegetables and decreasing the intake of carbohydrates will help to significantly reduce weight, so meal times and portions are important to consider as well.

One of the most popular homemade weight loss supplements is protein shakes that you can make in the blender. These are especially simple, since they don't actually require cooking, and you can receive necessary nutrients from vitamins and fruit that can serve as a healthy meal replacement. You'll need different ingredients for each shake depending on the nutrients and energy boosters you want, but for weight loss, protein (to help you digest your food faster and keep you fuller longer) fruit (to rid the body of toxins and provide antioxidants), and milk or yogurt (for calcium and vitamin D) are ideal ingredients for your shake--and these foods taste great together, too! You can also add vitamins and additional supplements like Gingko Biloba, Bee Pollen, Dandelion, or Black Cohosh to promote healthy function of the liver, prevent allergies that could affect the digestive system and lead to weight gain, and to further cleanse the intestines to prevent fatigue and provide more energy for exercise.

You'll also need to know how to prepare your food in a way that will help you continue losing weight. If you are taking herbal or medical weight loss supplements, you should make sure you are following the instructions closely and eating meals that will 'agree' with your dosage. Finding low-carb recipes, foods that are low in sodium, and recipes that are naturally low in fat will help you to continue losing weight, and should be used in addition to any supplements you may be taking and your exercise program. You may choose to make one or two meals a day, and drink a protein shake for the remaining meal or as a snack. Herbal weight loss supplements like Chitosan, Chromium, and Apple Cider Vinegar complex are proven safe herbal weight loss methods, and help to speed up the body's metabolism so that food is processed faster in the body, resulting in weight loss. These supplements can be ordered online, or from a local drug store. In most cases, there are no additional ingredients added to these supplements (gelatin and stearic acid are added as preservatives), and supplements should usually be taken after a meal about three times a day. Using commercial weight loss programs such as Slim Fast or Weight Watchers have proven to be successful as well, but these methods are partially 'homemade' as well, since you'll still have to prepare your own food and keep up with the portions you're eating at each meal.

If you're thinking of putting yourself on a homemade diet and want to know how to find homemade supplements, you should contact your doctor before beginning new programs, especially if you're taking any type of medication. And, remember to take it slow; finding something that 'works' can be exciting, but consuming the necessary amount of nutrients and supplements each day (nothing more), along with a healthy lifestyle that is high in physical activity and low in stress can help you lose the keep the weight off healthily.

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