Zales Jewelry Jobs

By Shelley Moore

  • Overview

    Zales Jewelry Jobs
    Zales Jewelry Jobs
    Zales Jewelry, nicknamed The Diamond Store, is part of the Zale Corporation. Zales designs many of its own items and also sells other brand-name jewelry. The company offers customers a wide variety of elegant jewelry, including watches, in affordable price ranges. The Zale Corporation has numerous career opportunities, particularly in its retail stores.
  • Geography

    Zales sells jewelry in over 2100 stores across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. It also sells jewelry through its website and operates the retail stores Gordon's Jewelers, Mappins Jewelers, Piercing Pagoda, and others. The Zale Corporation offers jobs at its headquarters in Irving, Texas, which is in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, along with many positions at its region-based offices and retail stores.
  • Jobs at Headquarters

    At Zales headquarters, careers are offered in marketing, e-commerce and web development, human resources, distribution and logistics, and accounting and finance. In addition, a 12-week merchandising training program teaches interested and qualified employees to become assistant merchants. The company also has an insurance department covering merchandise replacement, credit insurance, and group life insurance, in services marketed to credit card customers. Finance professionals are encouraged to apply to this segment of Zales.

  • Retail Jobs

    In the Zales jewelry stores, jobs are available for sales associates, store managers, regional managers, and director of stores. The greatest demand is for sales associates and store managers. Associates provide customer service, show jewelry and explain details to customers, and make sales. Store managers also sell jewelry, along with overseeing the daily functions of the store, controlling inventory, hiring and training employees, creating schedules, and attending to visual merchandising. Zales is known mainly as a mall store, but operates numerous stand-alone stores as well.
  • Considerations

    Sales associates and store managers must have a high school diploma or equivalent. Knowledge of different types of jewelry and stones is a plus, but the stores will train new employees. Store positions commonly include evenings and weekends. Regional managers must have higher levels of experience, including a management background. At headquarters, many positions require a bachelor's degree, and the company recruits at colleges and universities. Interested persons are encouraged to apply by sending a resume through the company website.
  • Benefits

    Zales offers a large number of benefits to attract and keep quality employees. The company provides health insurance, life insurance, disability coverage, a 401(k) plan, paid vacation and holidays, tuition assistance, merchandise discounts, and credit union membership.
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