What Is The Zen Style In Interior Decorating?

What is the Zen style in interior decorating? Zen style is clean, simple, and has minimal furniture. When people think of a Zen style in interior decorating, they normally think of a room that provides a...

When people think of a Zen style in interior decorating, they normally think of a room that provides a calm and quiet environment. Due to the highly stressful lives that many people live these days, a calm home retreat can provide just the type of atmosphere one needs at the end of a busy day.

Kathy Dodson, award-winning interior decorator and owner of Decorating Dens, says that she does not have a textbook definition of Zen decorating, but she sees it as a room that is decorated in a very clean and simple manner. "It involves little color, simple lines, and minimal amounts of things around the room."

When decorating in a Zen style, the minimalist approach can often work the best. Zen decorating does not involve overpowering the room with decorations and knick-knacks. Dodson says, "It's not about stuffing things all over the walls or using colorful rugs. The style is just very simple and clean." If you enjoy a lot of accessories and decorations, then the Zen style of decorating may not be for you.

In order to provide this clean and calm environment, you do not want any type of clutter. Therefore, if you have items that must stay in the room, you should plan to include storage areas to keep the clutter out of site. This could involve storage bins, cabinets or other pieces of furniture that allow for storage, while still staying with the Zen type design.

Dodson says that for the Zen decorating scheme, there could be little bits of metal, chrome, whites, creams, and very simple straight lines. For a window treatment, she suggests using a light sheer or an airy kind of curtain. "There would be real simple panels that do not look fussy or fancy on the windows."

She also suggests using very simple and straight lines when decorating using the Zen style. Zen decorating can be used in any room of the house. It can provide a calming atmosphere in the bedroom that may inspire you to relax and sleep. It can also be used in a living area so that the family can come together in a clean and soothing area. Other rooms where Zen decorating can be used include the bathroom, the kitchen or even an office, just to name a few.

Dodson says that the Zen style of interior decorating is very popular right now. "You see it a lot in the more modern areas. It is in places where the younger, more contemporary group lives." This can be in the big cities or the areas that have been updated in a more modern style.

Regardless of where you live or what age group you fall into, you can always have a Zen-inspired room in your home. A room of this sort can be appreciated by those on the move, or those who enjoy staying home. Using these suggestions and avoiding over-decorating and clutter can provide you with a good start in creating your own soothing and calm Zen-inspired area in your home.

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