Zodiac Sign Compatibility: The Best Love Matches For A Cancer

Love is of the greatest importance to Cancer. This article explains how they can find happiness in relationships by choosing compatible signs.

Cancer is a kind an emotional sign as well as receptive and imaginative.The mind of a Cancerian is shrewd, intuitive and very, very active.The sign of the family as well as of the home, Cancer seeks close personal relationships and is most comfortable with those around that they love most. In love, Cancer seeks a sense of permanence.To be happy in love, Cancer must find someone who balances and reinforces these characteristics.In general, they should avoid most fire signs, Leo being the exception, and signs associated with fickleness or aggressiveness.

In their quest for permanence that Cancer and Taurus are both drawn to one another.Both Cancer and Taurus are loving and passionate, as well as very affectionate. Forthright Taurus is attractive to Cancer, who is vulnerable to praise and criticism.As for Cancer and Taurus' sex life, Cancer gives a bit of spice and imagination to Taurus who is sexually staid but still amorous.Cancer is clingy and that works just fine for Taurus who is rather possessive of their significant other.Cancer is a rather shrewd moneymaker as is Taurus, and they enjoy spending time together around hearth and home.Both of them have similar financial goals and are hard-working and ambitious.This again plays into their need for security and permanence in their lives.Cancer doesn't mind catering to Taurus' needy ways. Cancer is moody and is balanced out by Taurus' level-headedness.Cancer gives Taurus the feedback they need and in return Cancer gets a steady reliable partner.

Cancer and Leo make an interesting match in the boxing ring of love.Leo's outgoing exuberance is enough to cause Cancer to throw in the towel if Cancer can't overcome her natural shyness and clinginess. If they can get past this difficulty, Leo's sunny disposition is really good for Cancer's moody temperament.Leo needs someone to fawn on them Cancer's sharp intuition helps them to manage the ever-flamboyant Leo.Though imaginative in the bedroom, Leo can be much too domineering and sexually frank for slightly more subdued Cancer.Cancer is in love with Leo's open-heartedness and strength. Both signs are very romantic but in very different ways. Leo and Cancer should be cautious not to get their signals mixed.Leo's "devil-may-care" attitude towards things can go against Cancer's need for stability and permanence.Nevertheless, these two still have a chance for a passionate romance which can me mutually fulfilling. It just takes a bit of work.

Cancer and Virgo are natural teammates on the field of love.They are so different and yet mesh so well. Cancer is highly emotional while cool Virgo is very analytical in nature.They can use their conflicting natures to draw one another out of their respective shells.It may take Cancer some time to warm up to Virgo but when that time comes, the spark created is a lasting one.A relationship between Virgo and Cancer can be a secure, comfortable, and overall affectionate one.This is exactly what security-obsessed Cancer and Virgo are both after.Neither sign will scare the other off with any displays that would be too much for the other.Both signs seek comfort and luxury, in a classy, understated way.In turn, they are very hard workers in all things they do. Virgo loves to protect Cancer who is deeply dependant when it comes to relationships.Cancer's understanding ways help Virgo loosen up and Cancer is steadied by Virgo's strongearth influence.Both are anxious to please the other but can sometimes find themselves being overly critical. In general though, they are each other's dream mate, and a happily ever after ending is within their grasp.

In the world of astrology, few signs have the passionate dynamic that is found when Cancer and Scorpio come together.Sensual Cancer is taken to new heights by passionate Scorpio. Scorpio's jealous tendencies are quelled by the large loyal streak possessed by Cancer. Scorpio finds emotional relief in Cancer's commitment to a relationship and is soothed and made to feel secure by Cancer's possessiveness. Cancer admires Scorpio for their strength.Both Cancer and Scorpio are very intuitive and know just what the other needs and when they need it, creating a very pleasing dynamic in the relationship. When these signs get together they tend to build a cocoon in which they can feel both loved and safe.This is good for Cancer's need for permanence.Great intimacy, intensity, and extreme depth are the key points in a Cancer/Scorpio relationship.This is one of the fine wines of relationships, it just gets better with time.

Cancer is attracted to Pisces' imaginative view of the world.Pisces is the imaginative dreamer and is balanced out by Cancer, the imaginative worker.This is the ideal relationship for passion, sensitivity and tenderness.Pisces tends to idolize Cancer and let's them make the decisions, an odd position for Cancer to be in and one they may find a bit overwhelming at times.In this relationship Cancer becomes the "bread-winner" but still devotes themselves to insecure and dreaming Pisces.Cancer and Pisces bounce off of each other well and tend to boost each other's egos. In bed, both Cancer and Pisces are sexually responsive but inevitably Cancer will have to take the lead. Cancer and Pisces will be very sensitive to the other's moods. This can be good if both are feeling happy and content or it can be very bad if one is angry or upset.They should also be careful to focus on the practical things in life once in awhile. Otherwise, all their dreaming may add up to a great deal of resentment.

In any love match, both people have to work to overcome differences and resolve conflicts.However, finding a person who will treat them with the care and love they need will go a long way towards stacking the odds in their favor.If Cancer finds a match with a loving sign who is steady and devoted, all should be good in their love life for years to come.

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