Zodiac Sign Compatibility: The Best Love Matches For A Leo

Which romantic partners will make you roar? Which will make you purr? The best compatibility matches for a Leo.

Like their symbol- the lion- Leos are proud and confident people. They like to be "King" or "Queen" of their domain, and in this can be somewhat bossy of their "subjects." Even so, being that they are generosity to a fault, and have a great capacity to love, Leos are caring mates for the right partner. Leo is a fire sign ruled by the Sun, which fuels creativity, passion and strength. Leos are extroverts who, with a flair for the dramatic, love to be in the spotlight.

When it comes to affairs of the heart, fire signs and water signs don't mix well. Fire heats up water, and water puts out fire. Therefore, a Cancer, one the most sensitive people of all the zodiac signs, might find that temperamental Leos are a bit much to handle emotionally. Scorpios and Leos may find themselves frequently going head to head over who is the boss of the household, and Scorpios may in general may find Leos dramatics and moodiness frustrating. Pisceans, being self-sacrificing by nature, may find themselves being taken advantage of by domineering Leos.

Air signs don't tend to be much better matches for Leos. Geminis tend to be put off by Leos' laziness, and rarely have the patience to stroke their egos (something Leos desperately need). Aquarians, by nature, like to have a plan, and a Leo's spontaneity can be trying for them. Finally, a Libra, needing a sense of balance in all things, will find it difficult being with a Leo, who, with a tendency towards moodiness and dramatics, can go from one extreme to another other.

Leos and other fire signs make matches that, with effort, can work. Leos and Aries are both extroverts that share a lust for life. Their biggest difficulties will probably lie in getting over arguments, since both can be downright childish when tempers flair. Sagittarians are not intimidated by the ferocity of Leos, and can take it in stride. Leos may not always like the outspoken, tell-it-like-it-is attitude of a Sagittarius, but if done with tact they may be able to get across messages that Leo need to (but don't want to) hear.

Virgos are too critical for Leos, and will likely either anger or wound them too frequently for the two to be compatible. But, with the exception of Virgos, earth signs generally make a good, balanced match with a Leo. Two out of three times, a Leo's best bet for a match is an Earth Sign. A Taurean's steadfastness can be a good grounding for a Leo, and Taureans will mostly be unfazed by a Leo's antics. However, once a Leo gets Taurus mad, the Lion had better learn to get out of the Bull's way or the results could be disastrous. Capricorns and Leos can make a nice, balanced match as well. A Capricorn will shower a Leo with the love and affection he/she needs and bring up the practical matters a Leo might otherwise ignore. Meanwhile, Leos can help bring some more excitement and spontaneity into a Capricorn's life. This is good, because Capricorns can sometimes be so focused on organization and achievement, they can find themselves stuck in a rut if not careful. Both like to be in control, but in different areas; Capricorns like to control things like the home and the finances, while Leos like to control things like the decor and social calendar. Thus, they avoid usurping each other's territory, while providing support in the areas the other lacks.

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