Zodiac Sign Horoscopes: The Personality And Characteristics Of A Libra

Everything you wanted to know about the Libra's personality traits according to astrology.

If you're reading this, then you or someone you know is a Libra.The sign of Libra is the symbol of The Scales and it falls between the dates of September 23 and October 22.True to its symbol, the key to the Libra personality is balance.

Balance is important to the Libra as it permeates every aspect of their lives.A well adjusted Libra must have the same kind of happiness at his place of work as he has at home as he has with his friends as he has anywhere else.Deviation from this in any way tends to affect their personality greatly as they live in search of balance.In a Libra's world, a run of bad luck in his life tends to throw the Libra completely out of alignment and thus makes it difficult for the Libra to adjust.

Regardless of his/her appearance, the Libra is painfully aware of exactly how he/she looks.Though it might be unfair to say that Libra is vain, how they look is just as important as who they are.Their appearance not only tells outsiders who they are, but who they want you to see.While they often don't obsess over the little things, the little things do bother them, so beware when making a judgment about a physical characteristic.This is not restricted to just themselves--Libras are often critical of others' appearances as well.The idea of individual self-expression in the way of fashion does not fall in line with Libra's harmonic view of the world.

In both friendships and relationships, there is a strong sense of loyalty, so long as there is some sense of harmony within it.Often times Libras will stay in unhappy, even abusive, relationships because somehow it meets with a certain balance in their lives.Libras are usually the ones who will keep a friend who provides an existing need, yet once that need has deteriorated, so does the relationship.

If a Libra is balanced as a lover, often times this makes them very talented in the bedroom.Most Libras tend to have an unconscious sense of masculine and feminine, giving them an almost automatic understanding of their lover's body.But for a Libra physical relationships are connections of the body and soul, and for this reason Libras don't generally tend to have casual sex, so tread lightly.

In the workplace, the Libra has a strong work ethic, often excelling at just about any trade that he might find himself in.This is true regardless of his purpose within the company he works for, as working hard will usually bring rewards.Whatever position he is in, you can usually depend on the Libra to do his job effectively.Often times, he will find faster and easier ways to do his job, even if they do not fall in line with protocol.

Libras are simple to understand once you grasp their need for balance.An unbalanced Libra can be erratic, indecisive, and the very definition of chaos.But a Libra in balance can be a loving and loyal friend to the very end.

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